5 common side effects you should know before getting LASER THERAPY done for VARICOSE VEINS

A lot of professionals like teachers, salesman, and etc. are affected by the puffy, pesky and painful, Varicose Veins. 

Varicose Treatments include simple laser treatment, open surgery, foam sclerotherapy, etc. One most popular way to treat varicose veins is by laser therapy. In case of a laser therapy, the doctor uses a laser heat to damage a vein, which forms scar tissue that eventually closes the vein. 

But, laser therapy also has  few side effects attached to its treatment especially in untrained  and inexperienced hands. 

Let’s look at them before you get laser therapy done for varicose veins.

1. Skin Burns - The laser heat can burn your skin which forms scar tissue  if proper surgical technique is not used.

2. Skin Colour Changes – As the laser heat scars the skin tissue, it also results in skin colour change, which is most of the times a temporary thing.

3. Burning sensation or Numbness - It is very likely that you’ll have feelings of pain, burning, or prickling after recovery due to the nerve damages which gets relieved over due course of time , and this is more commonly seen in diabetics and elderly.

4. Blood Clot Formation - Very rarely ,Laser therapy can result in small or large blood clot in the in a deep vein which can result in various medical problems, especially if the treatment is done without the guidance of ultrasound scan.

5. Mild  To Moderate increase In Swelling : May happen especially if the patient stays in bed or stands at one position for a longer time.

To Sum Up, Before you jump the gun and get a laser treatment for your varicose veins, do consult your doctor to be safe and sound.

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Yeah, you said it right when we do the laser treatment process then we can have the various issues like skin burn, scars on our leg, etc. So, to take care of these varicose veins, you must check up to the

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