As a patient or Attendant, you are Responsible : 

The care that you receive as a patient also depends very much on your active participation. As healthcare professionals and caregivers, we solemnly believe that you and your family should aid us in promoting the safe delivery of care to help you. Here are a few of the responsibilities that need to be followed:

· Providing the right information : When you walk-in, you are responsible for providing the right  and complete information including present concerns, family history, past illnesses, medications, allergies, previous surgeries, allergies, and other matters relating to your health. 

· Ask Relevant Questions : You are responsible for asking the right and relevant questions if you are unable to understand your treatment plan, outcome, complications and other options of treatment.

· Following instructions : You should be responsible and follow the instructions, care, service, or treatment plan as suggested. It would be best if you also express any concerns that you might have about your ability to comply with the proposed course of action.

· Accepting Results : You should be well aware of the consequences if you do not follow the planned, prescribed and instructed care. 

· Following Facility Rules and Regulations :  You should responsibly follow the hospital’s provisions and regulations that concern the patient care and conduct. 

· Showing Respect and Thoughtfulness : Please be thoughtful of the hospital’s personnel and property and show respect.

· Meet Fnancial Commitments : You should promptly comply with all the necessary financial obligations that were agreed with the facility for better care.

 Punctuality : For booking appointments, being on time for all the appointments, and informing your doctor/hospital if you cannot meet them at that specific appointment timing which will save your and the health care providers time.

 Information : Providing complete information, including your full name, mobile number, address, date of birth, and other personal particulars is very much essential for data storage and avoiding any issues with patient identification.

Active Participation : Do participate actively in your medical treatment plan and keep your health caregivers informed about how you feel and that would be possible to identify any deviation/ complication at the earliest.

Respect and Courtesy : You have to treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with enough respect and courtesy. Also, be considerate of your noise levels, the privacy of others and comply with the 'No Smoking' policy in hospitals. 

• Refrain : Patients should ask the doctors about what they can do to prevent further transmission of their disease if it is a transmissible one .They should be aware of how to behave and refrain from any unreasonable behaviour that can affect the health of others.

• Signing On The Consent Forms : Understand all the instructions mentioned before signing on the consent forms and do not hesitate to clarify any queries before signing the consent forms.

• Healthy Lifestyle : Patients should recognise that they should inculcate a healthy lifestyle to prevent or mitigate illness. They should also take responsibility to follow various preventive measures and adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay better.

Refrain from disrupting the clinical setting and violence against any health care providers as it will attract penalty and imprisonment( Upto 10 lakhs of penalty and 10 years of imprisonment).

• Stay Away From Fraudulent Activities : Patients should not knowingly initiate or even participate in any medical fraud.

• Report :  Patients should report illegal or any sort of unethical behaviour of physicians or any other healthcare professionals to the appropriate medical boards, and law enforcement authorities so that they can take proper action.

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