7 effective ways to achieve Strong and Lean legs

In human anatomy the word leg refers to the lower limb section extending from knee to the ankle. 
Legs are made up of bones to take the load of your weight, muscles to articulate the joints, arteries to feed them , veins to drain the deoxygenated blood and nerves for sensation.
Your legs have got to do many jobs like standing, walking, running and even dancing. You might ignore some common issues like pain, heaviness and a little itchiness in your legs but sometimes these ignored complaints can lead to bigger diseases like ugly varicose veins and Deep vein thrombosis. So, these common issues can't be ignored just like that and here are some ways, by following them you can take good care of your legs.

Be Active
Many of us work in an office and have to sit on a chair continuously and the inactivity of your legs can lead to fluid accumulation and and can also lead to dangerous blood clots in veins. Select an exercise for your legs and put it in your daily routine. An exercise for a few minutes per day will help you to keep your legs healthy. You can also stretch out your legs at regular intervals to keep them active and take you miles.

Running is the best exercise
Running or jogging is considered to be the best exercise for legs. Running for minimum 15 minutes per day will not only keep your legs strong but it also keeps your body in shape and healthy. But if you can not run, you can also keep your legs strong and healthy by brisk walking. And it is necessary to walk daily for a certain distance if you keep sitting for a long time in a day.

Drink enough water in entire day
You may have rashes or dry skin on your legs if you do not drink a required amount of water in a day not only in the summer but also during winters. It is recommended by physicians that an adult person must drink at least 2-2.5 litres of water per day and also drink a glass of water after waking up. Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated and it prevents developing symptoms like skin dryness and rashes. So make a habit to drink enough water during a day that is required for your body.

Apply a lubricating material
When the skin of your legs become dry, it can cause itchiness that may lead to developing infection on your skin. This can cause when you go out in a hot summer and when you shave your legs. Use a lubricating lotion or cream on your legs to stop developing any skin related issue on your legs. Make sure you use only certified products on your skin or consult a dermatologist.

Elevate your legs
When you continuously sit on a chair while working at office during the entire day. Keep your legs active by moving it around whenever you get a chance. You can also raise your legs up and then put it down and do it again and again, this can be done under your desk while sitting on your chair. In this way you can exercise your legs and keep them active.

Have a healthy diet
You need to take a healthy and nutritious diet if you want to make your legs strong and healthy and beautiful skin on your legs. Your diet should include fresh vegetables and protein rich substances. You need to avoid high-fat dairy products and junk foods which contain high-calories. Drink a glass of milk for strong bones.

Use sunscreen products
Whenever you go outside on a sunny day and the skin of your legs is in direct contact with the sunlight, the sharp ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can burn skin on your legs and it can cause you many skin related issues. You need to apply a sunscreen lotion or cream on your legs to keep the skin of your legs safe from the sunlight.

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