Varicocele endovascular embolization

What is varicocele?

An enlargement or abnormal dilation of veins within the loose bag of skin that holds testicles (scrotum) is called varicocele. Varicoceles are common cause for infertility, because of low sperm production and decreased sperm quality. Varicoceles develop over time by time. Some varicoceles will go by own and some causes symptoms, needs to be diagnosed and treatment.

Some of the symptoms of varicoceles are

· Sharp pain with discomfort

· Infertility

· Felling relaxed when lie on your back

· Standing for long time also cause severe pain

Over the time period the varicoceles will become swell and more noticeable. In this case the treatment is necessary. There are surgical procedures for varicoceles but it is really painful and for recovery it will take long time

Advanced treatment

The varicoceles will be treated with advanced procedures in radiology called vascular percutaneous embolization. This procedure requires only local anaesthesia.

A needle or catheter is used to insert in the groin and with the help of ultrasound or X-ray, the enlarged veins are treated. The dilated veins are blocked with small metallic coils and liquid embolizing drugs, which interrupts the blood flow and repairs the varicoceles.

This kind of procedures helps for speedy recovery. To know more about ask dr.devu in detail. Reach us on +91-9705189994

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