How to prepare for an X-ray?

How to prepare for an X-ray?
There comes lot of questions about how can we get prepared for an X-ray, whenever certain need arises. 
Questions like Can I eat before an X ray?
For how many times x-rays are safe in a month? 
How long does an x-ray radiation stay in the body? 
So here, we are going to answer every question regarding the preparation required before an x- ray. 
An X-radiation (also termed as radiography) is a pain-free test, used to examine within the body and distinguish between soft tissues and bones. Body is exposed to X-ray radiations, and they get in varied amounts that depend on the density of the material they transmit. The whites on X-rays represent dense materials, such as metal and bone, the blacks represent air in your lungs and shades of gray represent fat and muscle. 
What is the need to perform an x-ray?
An X-ray is often used for discovering infections and fractures in the bones or cancerous tumors, arthritis, choked blood vessels, or tooth decay.
An X-radiations can be used for examine digestive tract issues or swallowed external objects too.
Preparation for an x-ray
Usually there are no need for being prepared for a diagnostic X-Ray.
Wear lightweight and comfortable clothes.  If the clothes intervene with the procedure, you may be requested to change an attire. 
Notify if there is any chance that you are pregnant.
Many tests are not done during pregnancy so as to avoid the fetus from radiation.  If an X- radiation is compulsory, preventions will be taken to decrease the exposure of rays. 
You may be requested to take off any metal articles or accessories because they can be visible on an X-ray.
Always tell your doctor if you have metal implants like pacemakers. These implants can block X-rays to go through your body and creating a clear picture.
Generally this is only required for certain X-rays of your digestive system. Fasting normally needs you not to drink or eat for 8 to 12 hours before your exam.
What an x-ray radiation do to body?
For most adults the level of rays exposure is considered safe, but not for a developing baby.
Although, radiation exposure from an X-ray is low, and the advantages from these tests far more significant than the harms.

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