Microwave Ablation for TUMOURS

Microwave ablation is a new intervention radiology procedure which uses thermal energy to destroy tumour cells.
Microwave ablation procedure
During the procedure, Local anaesthesia is given to numb the area and a small cut can be made to insert the needle to reach the tumour. The site can be reached with the help of ultrasound or CT scan. The microwave probe produces electromagnetic energy spectrum which produces heat to destroy the tumour cells and it is replaced by scar tissue.
During the ablation, heart rate, blood pressure and others are monitored to check any complication. Post procedure overnight stay and observation are essential to identify any early deviations which happen sometimes. 

Follow up visit and scans are required to monitor the treatment response, as individual result may vary.
This kind of techniques can be used to treat tumours in liver, colon cancer metastasis, lung cancer, bone tumours.
Advantages of taking microwave ablation
· This is minimally Invasive procedure to treat tumours.
· Elderly persons who are not surgically fit can get benefit from this procedure
· Shorter anaesthesia times
· Lessen surgery time and low recovery time period for this type of surgery.
· As no sutures are there, it doesn’t require dressing and shorter hospital stay
· Tumours present near to major arteries and veins can also treated with microwave ablation
· Little or no pain
· Minimal risk to patients
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