Bronchial Artery Embolization

Bronchial artery is one of the important blood vessels which supply blood to lungs. If there is any abnormalities or dilation which may cause disturbance in the blood flow and also cause poor pulmonary circulation, pulmonary artery obstruction, chronic or severe thromboembolic diseases. Untreated also cause heart failure and eventually death.

Bronchial artery interventions can be used in the treatment of haemoptysis, which is condition of coughing up of blood or bloody mucus. Haemoptysis also causes trauma, infections and other anatomical defects or tumours.

Treating bronchial artery

Bronchial artery embolization is a procedure in which the blood flow will be stopped to enter into the lungs. It is minimal invasive procedure by inserting a catheter to treat the affected area of the blood vessels enters in the lungs.

Local anaesthesia can be given to carry out the procedure. A small catheter of 2 to 3 mm will be inserted into the groin and with the help of angiogram techniques, it will reach the arterial bleeding blood vessel. They then insert a small particles or drugs or small coils to block the blood vessels and prevents bleeding.

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