Who requires this procedure ?

This procedure is indicated for patients who develop a clot in the vessels of lower limbs and extending into lower abdomen carrying blood towards the heart.

What is the underlying problem?

The underlying disease is a block in the vessels of the lower limb, thereby reducing the blood return to heart, pooling in lower limbs and painful swelling of lower limbs.

What are the consequences of postponing / worst complication if left untreated?

Unless treated at the right time the patients may eventually land up in sudden death if the clot extends towards heart , failing kidneys and post thrombotic syndrome.

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis requires a Doppler scan followed by Angiogram, which is also used to plan the procedure and prognosticate the outcome.

What are the steps of procedure?

The block is cleared using wire and special catheters, lumen is opened using a special vaccum like device and clot resolving drugs and sometimes stents are used to preserve the lumen,.

Why endovascular approach?

As most of the patients are unfit for the surgical options and interventional radiology offers solution through a 3mm hole under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.