Who requires this procedure ?

This procedure is indicated in men suffering with reduced sperm count and quality , who had failed to respond to surgical exploration thus hampering the fertility and scrotal pain .

What is the underlying problem?

The underlying disease is abnormal dilatation of veins in the scrotum, which carry the blood back from testis.

What are the consequences of postponing / worst complication if left untreated?

Apart from hampering the fertility , gradual decrease in testicular volume and atrophy can happen over a long term.

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis requires a good ultrasound and Doppler study.

What are the steps of procedure?

The dilated veins are blocked by using metallic coils and liquid embolizing drugs.

Why endovascular approach?

Interventional radiology offers percutaneous embolization done through a 3mm hole under local anesthesia as a day care procedure.