Who requires this procedure ?

This procedure is indicated in female patients who had repeated chilbirths and complain of heaviness and severe pain before periods.

What is the underlying problem?

The underlying disease is abnormal proliferation of venous channels in the pelvis adjacent to uterus and ovaries.

What are the consequences of postponing / worst complication if left untreated?

Persistent pain and worsening of the heaviness in lower abdomen.

How is it diagnosed?

Internal Scan followed by a MRI Pelvis

What are the steps of procedure?

The arterial feeders and venous channels are identified on Angiogram can be blocked by drugs/coils/vascular plugs using thin wires and catheters.

Why endovascular approach?

Interventional radiology offers percutaneous embolization done through a 3mm hole under local anesthesia as a day care procedure.