Who requires this procedure ?

This procedure is indicated for patients who have a bony metastasis and causing significant pain .

What is the underlying problem?

Bony metastases are common in many advanced tumors and cause significant pain and most of the respond poorly to medicines.

What are the consequences of postponing / worst complication if left untreated?

Pain worsens , deteriorating the quality of life and increased usage of morphine and other drugs with a deleterious side effect profil.

How is it diagnosed?

CT/ MRI / Bone Scan.

What are the steps of procedure?

The vertebra is accessed with help of needle like special devices and cement is injected under fluoroscopy guidance.

Why Percutaneous approach?

As most of the patients are unfit for the surgical options and interventional radiology offers solution through a 3mm hole under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.