Who requires this procedure ?

This procedure is indicated for patients who have vascular malformations , mostly seen in childhood and young adults.

What is the underlying problem?

The underlying disease is abnormal proliferation of blood vessels.

What are the consequences of postponing / worst complication if left untreated?

Unless treated at the earliest, reduced the blood supply and oxygen yield to the muscles., asymmetric growth of adjacent muscles and bones and may bleed .

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis requires a good ultrasound, CT/MRI Angiogram, which is also used to plan the procedure and prognosticate the outcome.

What are the steps of procedure?

Depending on the nature of flow, the arterial feeders can be blocked by drugs/coils/vascular plugs or venous channels can be sealed through sclerotherapy.

Why endovascular approach?

As most of these entities give suboptimal results with surgical exploration and interventional radiology offers permanent solution in most cases through a 3mm hole under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure endovascular care has become the approach of choice.